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Bitcoins are such amazing digital currencies that do not involve third-party banks during any transactions. They only require you to go to an Exchange or ATM to perform all transactions, at least in advanced countries like Canada. However, people without these Bitcoin access points are left with performing transactions online. This leaves room for attracting the wrong kinds of people; fraudsters, hackers and such. Their primary fuel is the ever-increasing Bitcoin price speculated to rise even further. As a result, it is paramount to keep your coins and Bitcoin wallet very safe and secure.

Perform a thorough background check on the people or companies you will engage in during transactions

Better to go through an accredited company that has excellent customer testimonials than trying out someone you are not sure about during transactions. Transactions include changing coins into money and vice versa. The Bitcoin value may vary from time to time, but it is currently in the thousands per coin. This is enough money to have people losing sleep scheming and conniving against you and your coins.

However, the price of Bitcoin currency keeps changing, mostly rising than dropping. This is why it’s such a good investment venture for many people especially in developed countries like Canada and America. Bitcoin in Canada is so great that they are mostly concentrating on mining to increase the coin’s value in the world market.

Transactions like changing Bitcoin to Canadian currency require a thorough check of the transaction agent. The last thing you want is to end up losing all your hard-earned investment.

Always use your device for Bitcoin transactions

At this point, we are past wondering where to buy Bitcoins. Additionally, we know that how to buy Bitcoins involve a process of producing either ready money in cash or credit/debit card.

Since you already have your Bitcoin wallet, you should never access it through someone else’s device. We tend to check emails on someone’s computer, which is not such a bad idea as long as you log out. However, when it comes to Bitcoins, never access your wallet from a computer that does not belong to you. You may forget to log out leaving your wallet open for access. Who knows? You may have introduced a hacker into your wallet. Next thing you know, you are wiped out.


Always be careful who handles your investment. The type of transaction does not matter even if it involves changing Bitcoin in Cad money. Almost caution must be observed in areas of buying or selling Bitcoins.