Nutrition Services

Jessie Doyle, RHN

Nutritional Consulting

Jessie Doyle is a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant specializing in plant-based, as well as raw food diets. She believes strongly that quality nutrition and eating well is the basis for optimum overall health and quality of life.

Jessie is committed to helping you reach your health and wellness goals through whole foods and will show you how healthy eating can be enjoyable, accessible and affordable.

Where do you start?

It seems we are bombarded with studies, research and advice regarding the food we eat, not to mention the marketing and advertising we are confronted with everywhere, every day. So how do you know what to believe and, most important, what is best for you?

The first step is the Nutritional & Health Questionnaire. Here you'll have the opportunity to:

  • examine your current eating habits , lifestyle, stress levels
  • review your health history and concerns
  • identify any obstacles you perceive to reaching your goals for improved overall health and quality of life.

The time you spend completing the Nutritional & Health Questionnaire is an important first step and an investment in your health and well being.

Customized Nutritional Plan $75

The Nutritional & Health Questionnaire forms the foundation for your Customized Nutritional Plan. Following a review of your responses, this one-hour appointment will provide you with personalized recommendations that address your issues, concerns, and goals related to your:

  • energy level
  • sleep quality
  • digestive issues
  • weight gain/loss
  • mental acuity

Customized Meal Plans 1 week: $45 / 2 weeks: $75

To help you put your Customized Nutritional Plan into action, customized meal plans are based on your needs and tailored to your goals, lifestyle and preferences. Your meal Plan includes recipes, grocery lists and nutritional information to start you off with everything you need for enjoyable, accessible and affordable healthy eating.

How's it working for you?

Three or four weeks have passed now – how's is working out? Do you have questions? Would you benefit from some additional support to deal with maintaining your plan for the long term?

Follow-up Appointment $45

Putting your plan into action, you may have encountered some obstacles. Or you may just want to assess your progress against your goals, and tweak your plan. Spend 30-45 minutes to make sure you're on the right track.

Guided Grocery Shop $50

You probably don't want to live on your meal plans for the rest of your life, but navigating your grocery store can feel overwhelming. A one-hour guided tour will help make your shopping efficient and affordable while supporting your changing eating habits.

Individual Nutrition Package $175 (save $40)

By purchasing the package, not only do you save money, but you commit yourself to the personal, expert advice and support you need to make a long-term change to your eating habits for improved health and well-being.

Lunch & Learn Session $100

Jessie is available for "lunch and learn" sessions and group workshops. Learn all about topics such as raw food, nutrition or healthy desserts from an expert in the field while you enjoy a meal that has been prepared for you and your staff/guests. Price per one-hour session is $100 plus food costs.

Cleanse Programs

Jessie will guide you through your cleanse with information on what to expect and tips to motivate you, while also being available to answer any questions via email. In addition, all cleanse participants receive 10% off Fruition products for 30 days!

3 Day Raw Food Cleanse $149 - Click here for details

3 Day Juice Cleanse $149 - Click here for details